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House Calls


Grey and White Cat


Why house calls?

For some pets a visit to a veterinary hospital can be an unpleasant experience full of frightening sounds and smells.  Not to mention most pet owners have busy lives that conflict with an office visit.  Whatever the reason, the Healthy Pets Veterinary Services team is pleased to make arrangements to come to your home so you and your pet can be in familiar and comfortable surroundings.


What can be done at a house call?

Just like in the clinic, all routine vaccinations and wellness care as well as diagnosis and treatment for most medical conditions can be performed in your home. If your pet needs further treatment that cannot be provided in a house call, we will transport your pet to our full service veterinary hospital.


Who are house calls ideal for?

  • Pets who get stressed in the carrier.
  • Pets who are fearful of the car ride or get car sick.
  • Families with children.
  • Owners whose work schedules make a trip to a veterinary office difficult.
  • Owners who are required to stay at home.
  •  Households with multiple pets.
  • Compassionate euthanasia.


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