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At Home Euthanasia


Two Snuggling Cats


Healthy Pets offers at home pet euthanasia, so that your dog or cat and your family can be where they feel most comfortable and at peace. The process of putting to sleep a pet should be free of pain and anxiety. We know that saying goodbye to a family member is never easy. The Healthy Pets team is here to support you throughout the process and afterwards.

  • Our mobile vet is based in the Bay Ridge area and makes veterinary house calls all over Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan. 
  • We can even do house calls after regular business hours and on weekends.
  • After the euthanasia, we can transport your pet for cremation, if requested.

Please give us a call if you are considering an at home euthanasia, and we can discuss the best way to proceed. 

Why at home euthanasia?

There are many reasons that an at home euthanasia is recommended as opposed to bringing your pet to the clinic.  These include:

  • The ability to schedule an appointment after hours and on the weekend to accommodate your family's schedule.
  • Your pet will be in their own home, surrounded by a familiar environment where they are comfortable, which means less stress.  
  • More family members can be present than in a small vet’s office.
  • Reduced stress for pets that are difficult to move.

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