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Covid-19 Services


Maintaining the health of our clients, staff, and patients is of the utmost importance to us at Healthy Pets.  In an effort to do so, we are now offering the following two options for clients looking to make an appointment.


Drop Off Appointments


What is different about a drop off appointment? 

  1. We will be seeing patients only by appointment. When you have arrived for your appointment, please call us at 718-833-7387 so that one of our staff members may come to collect your pet.  We respectfully request that you wait outside or in your car at this time in order to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  2. Dr. Briones will then examine your pet and create an appropriate treatment plan.  He will call you and discuss this plan, allowing both you and him to determine the best course of action (so please remember to bring your cellphone).
  3. Once treatment is agreed upon you will be transferred to reception to make your payment over the phone.
  4. Upon completion of services your pet will be returned to you along with any necessary medications as applicable.
  5. We ask that you limit communication when our staff collects your pet, however, please do not hesitate to ask questions over the phone! 




We are now also offering the option of having a telemedicine appointment.  This entails Dr. Briones examining your pet via online video chat.  To inquire please give us a call today!